Recruiting and Headhunting

Recruiting and Headhunting

The most important pillar in every organization, are the talents. To achieve productivity, efficiency and excellence.

We will help you selecting the best talents in the market through our 100000+ talent pool that gather professionals and experts from around the globe.

Our team will be by your side in tailoring the team that will be a great fit for your organization.

In addition to recruiting and headhunting, we also offer the most updated teams and individuals evaluation tests for our clients.

Whether you want the most updated Psychometric Tests, Emotional Intelligence Tests (EI), Belbin Tests which identifies the perfect role for every individual based on their characteristics. And our Corporate Happiness Program (CHP) which measures the happiness of your employees at their workplace. Or if you want to go old School tests with the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT). We can help you with all your requirements.


  • Executive Headhunting
  • Blue and White Collar Recruiting
  • Technical Interviews/evaluation
  • Training and Development
  • IQ Tests
  • EQ Tests
  • Belbin Tests
  • Employee Happiness Evaluation
  • Corporate Happiness Program